Rancher’s cougar cam captures wild feast.

Check out the mama cougar with her 4 cubs.

This American Life (one of my most favourite podcasts) covered stories on the topic True Urban Legends this week.  One of the features was things people in refugee camps hear about America and simply cannot believe, and think are myths.  Such as:

  • to swim, people wear swimsuits that closely resemble underwear
  • people kiss their dogs and carry them around in handbags
  • people display affection in public, even unmarried people
  • cats sleep in the same bed as people
  • regular citizens can buy guns
  • some people are homeless and sleep outside

This last example was particularly poignant, and an anecdote followed from someone new to America who saw someone sleeping outside and when he spoke to her and found out she had nowhere to go he called 911.

I highly recommend the podcast, the stories are always interesting.  Some of my past favourites have included chimpanzee retirement homes, cryogenics (this one is startling and sad, but fascinating), transgender children and a true story of babies switched at birth.

There is also an application for This American Life, and I have several podcasts I haven’t listened to yet marked on the application on my phone for future listening.

based on a design in Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitching

The federal government has disclosed for the first time that Canada will not fund abortions in its G8 child and maternal health-care initiative for developing countries.

This old clinker brick house in Old Strathcona, slated to be torn down for redevelopment.

This news story makes me cranky.  Instead of spending government money on foster care for 3 kids, how about spending money on care for their mentally ill & sometimes violent older brother?

Children taken because of mentally ill brother

Craftzine.com blog : Woman’s Life Story Told in Intricate Hand-Stitched Tapestry.

Translating The Twilight: Eclipse Trailer – twilight eclipse – Jezebel.


Archie Comics introduces first openly gay character | The Beat.

in no order:

– cross stitching like a person compelled to cross stitch.  Which I am.

– going outside.  Goodbye snow, I don’t miss you at all.

– reading and listening to audiobooks.  As you can see from the Bridget Jones in the sidebar, I’ve been seeking out some fluffier fiction.  I listened to the entire Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series on audiobook (9 books, approximately 7+ hours each) while working on the aforementioned cross stitching.  It’s delightfully trashy and I am Team Eric.  I also reread Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherword series, which I am happy to see being reprinted with less cheesy covers.  New Sookie and Otherworld books coming up in 2010, yay!

– redecorating the sewing room.  I will have pictures up once it’s completed, but I’m painting it blue and purple.  Halfway through I had a moment of “wtf was I thinking?!?” but I’m enjoying it now.

– working.  Work is going well and it’s not bad as far as work goes.

– following the news about the school closures in Edmonton.  I think community schools are important, but I can understand the changing demographics in the older neighbourhoods where 2 schools 6 blocks apart aren’t necessary anymore.  I don’t agree with huge schools for young children far from their neighbourhoods though.  For more information (biased on the community schools side), see http://www.community-schools.org/.

– I’m also thinking of ripping up my front lawn, which I have been talking about for years but haven’t done anything about.  We don’t really use it, but it’d be nice to make it more appealing and less wasted space.  I’d love to do it up in plants that are native to this region.  I’m thinking weeds.  Oh wait, I already have the dandelions! (yes, I know dandelions can be eaten, they are pretty, but really, I suspect my neighbours do not love me sharing their seeds with the rest of the neighbourhood).  Maybe if I ripped up the front lawn I’ll be stuck with having to replace it with something and quit my stalling on this project.  I’m attending a permaculture class tomorrow and hoping to be inspired, despite my wishy-washiness on gardening in general.

There are some interesting articles happening at Sociological Images, one of my favourite blogs.  Recent articles include how some airports and factories were disguised in WWII (they were covered with giant screens or props were used to make them look like neighbourhoods), the appropriation of  Native American culture in fashion, and a guest article on stereotyping- Who Would You Shoot?  Sociological Images often provides one of the most interesting reads in the tally of recent articles in my Google Reader.

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